The current medical system to support the U.S. Army at war is a continuum from the forward line of troops through the continental United States; it serves as a primary source of trained replacements during the early stages of a major conflict. The system is designed to optimize the return to duty of the maximum number of trained combat soldiers at the lowest possible echelon. Far-forward stabilization helps to maintain the physiology of injured soldiers who are unlikely to return to duty and allows for their rapid evacuation from the battlefield without needless sacrifice of life or function.

Medical Force 2000 (MF2K)

ASF: Aeromedical Staging Facility, USAF E: Echelon
ASMB: Area Support Medical Battalion EAC: Echelon Above Corps
ASMC: Area Support Medical Company FST: Forward Surgical Team
BAS: Battalion Aid Station MASF: Mobile Aeromedical Staging Facility, USAF
CM: Combat Medic Med Co: Medical Company
CONUS: Continental United States RTD: Return to Duty
CZ: Combat Zone